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The Rainbow Mafia

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This is a  place for all those that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, friends and allies. Let love win and take shape all over the world in the form of inclusivity. We want you to be your best. Therefore join the mafia and sell your clothes, art or designs on the platform. Lets do business together. We negotiate with each person indivually as there is no one deal for all. Then after profit share has been negotiated on your items we upload the designs. Then the  selling begins. As TRM is a public benefit organisation a percentage of the profit will be given to LGBTQIA+ charities. With the aim to allow more countries and spaces to be LGBTQIA+ freindly. For Love.



Lets sell your designs/ clothing on the website. We’re looking for high quality garments that proudly say LGBTQIA+. With great designs and quircky slogans. After all The Rainbow Mafia is loud and proud and don’t mind them haters. Let love win.


Submit your designs for great pins, badges, stickers, keyrings. Or even great LGBTQIA+ artworks. Lets support you in what you do. Connect you with customers across the globe. To increase those sales and earn you a better living.


Want to host a LGBTQIA+ event? Lets partner on it! We have space to market the event to the rest of The Rainbow Mafia and its allies across the globe. Its time to unite and change the global perspective on the LGBTQIA+ community.


Give us as much detail as possible. So that we can understand you well and get the concept off the ground.

Click the below Form button to fill in the Google Form.

Remember that we fall in South African jurisdiction and that your idea/ concept belongs to you until we signed a legal agreement that allows sale on The Rainbow Mafia platform.


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80 Strand St. #112,

Cape Town, RSA 8001

+27 71 736 4601